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Intro to Prenatal Massage


An introduction to Prenatal Massage Therapy, this course is designed to outline the benefits and applied techniques that make Prenatal work so rewarding for both client and practitioner. Therapists will learn to feel confident in performing a full-body therapeutic Prenatal Massage. We will walk through the entire process: how to perform a comprehensive intake, the physiological and emotional effects of pregnancy, the benefits of massage during gestation, contraindications, advanced bolstering and positioning techniques, and protocol. Therapists will receive 8 CEU's for successful completion of this course.

Five-Star Business and Marketing Class


This workshop is focused on imparting the strategies and practices that lead to a five star rating on social media sites such as Yelp, Google, Facebook and many more. Therapists will be introduced to the importance of maintaining a superior on-line reputation, and how etiquette and detailed systems in their daily practice can increase their business. Learn to provide a personalized experience that goes far beyond the typical massage therapy session, implementing elements of success that will set your business apart from the competition. Therapists will receive 4 CEU's for completion of this course.

Intro to Hot Stone Massage


Learn how to prepare and execute an exceptional hot stone massage! We will cover timing and procedures for 50, 60, 80, or 90 minute sessions. The course focuses on advanced techniques, history of the stones, how to clean and recharge them, proper temperatures, draping, precautions, and easy ways to add this amazing service to the menu.  Therapists will receive 8 CEU's for completing this course and will walk away confident and ready to perform a memorable and relaxing hot stone massage.

Intro to Deep Tissue Massage


A two day course introducing advanced deep tissue massage therapy techniques. Therapists will learn to provide a deep and relaxing massage therapy session with low impact on the body. The coursework focuses on anatomy, trigger point locations, assessment, intake, alternative techniques, ergonomics, and contraindications. This class will provide you with the tools of longevity in this physically demanding genre of massage. Therapists will receive 16 CEU's for the completion of the coursework.

Intro to Massage Therapy

$100 p/couple

Open to the public.

Bring a friend, spouse, or parent! Couples will be introduced to the basics of massage therapy and learn how to perform massage techniques for each other. We provide a one-hour seated chair workshop where you learn to massage through clothing. Our classes offer a fun and interactive group setting that provides the fundamentals in an enjoyable and stress-free environment.

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State Requirement:

Maryland   |   D.C.   |   Virginia

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